Advanced stages completed on Zainebian Mound Sanctuary project

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Construction works on the Zainebian Mound Sanctuary project are constantly progressing.

Head of the Department of Engineering and Technical Projects Engr. Hussain Ridha Mehdi said, “The service sites, forming 36,000m2 of the entire project site, have been completed,” noting that the service sites are 600 lavatories, the Zainebeya Market, and a refectory.

Mehdi added that 38% of the entire project has so far been completed — and more than 70% of the structure works has been completed.

He indicated that a 752m2 tunnel lies alongside the sanctuary project, and the completion rate has increased noticeably.

“The whole area of the project is more than 52,000m2,” Medi mentioned, adding that there will be four-floor buildings in order to hold more pilgrims.


By: Hussain Hamid Elmoosewi

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