Advanced completion rates — Imam Hussain Shrine announces opening date of largest cancer center in Iraq

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The Department of Strategic Projects of the Imam Hussain Shrine announced, Sunday, the continuation of the works of Imam Hussain Cancer Center project — first of its kind in Kerbela.

Chief engineer Muntedher Jebur Elmossewi said, “The engineering and technical personnel continue the work of the largest cancer center in Iraq and have completed over 80% of it.”

Elmossewi added that the center is to receive the first group of cancer diagnostic devices at the end of the current month.

He clarified that all the devices the center is to be equipped with are made by global companies and according to international specifications, noting that the center has been constructed according to VIP international standards.

“The Imam Hussain Shrine seeks, through erecting this center, to ease the burden on the Iraqi citizens by providing them with medicine inside Iraq, as well as curbing the spread of this illness,” Elmossewi said further.

He emphasized that, “The center will hopefully open next year to receive patients.”

The project is 12 acres. There will be three main buildings — each consists of 4 floors, and each floor is approximately 2700m2, which will be sectioned into a Radiotherapy ward, a Chemotherapy ward, a CT-scan ward, an operating room, an emergency room, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and a number of clinics and rooms for the management.

It’s noteworthy that the Imam Hussain Shrine is also constructing a cancer center, of which 78% has been completed, in the city of Basrah.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

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