Locations and service roads being prepared for Ashura pilgrimage

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The Department of Engineering and Technical Projects at the Imam Hussain Shrine announced that roads leading to the Imam Hussain Shrine have been opened in order to facilitate the traffic of pilgrims during the coming Ashura pilgrimage.

Assistant director of the department Felah Hadi said the Imam Hussain Shrine has for a while been preparing the roads leading to the downtown area; where the Imam Hussain and the Abbas Shrines are, and is going to expand the street between the Imam Hussain Shrine and the Mukhaiem Sanctuary.

Hadi added that the tunnel in front of the Imam Hussain Shrine is still under construction and will be open 5 days before the month of Muharram.

He indicated that “The Imam Hussain Shrine will strive to make service roads for pilgrims and allocate certain locations to the Hussainian service processions.”


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi

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