Sikh, Indian Minister of Defense sends present to Imam Hussain Shrine

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The assistant Secretary-General of the Imam Hussain Shrine, Afdhel EshShami, received a present sent by India’s Minister of Defense.

EshShami said the delegation that delivered the present composed of officials from the Indian Ministry of Defense.

He also said the present was a handmade, elaborately ornamented banner, adding that the delegation requested that the banner be taken to the lattice-enclosed tomb of Imam Hussain and then presented to the management of the Imam Hussain Shrine.

EshShami noted that all the presents, such as valuables and antiquities, sent to the Imam Hussain Shrine are kept in a specific room.

The head of the delegation, Tuorj Zdei, said, “The Minister of Defense is Sikhi, but he sent this banner to the Imam Hussain Shrine to express his deep love to Imam Hussain (Peace Be Upon Him),” expressing his gratitude to the Secretariat-General of the Imam Hussain Shrine for the great reception and hospitality.


By: Hussain Hamid Elmoosewi

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi

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