Farms of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine fill local market need and decline imports

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The Agricultural Development Department of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine announced on Monday the continuation of work in the agricultural cities to supply the markets and direct sales centers of high quality agricultural and animal products.

"The work is continuing in the agricultural cities and is proceeding according to plans to supply the local market with vegetables and animal products," said the agricultural expert and head of the department, Adnan Awaz al-Shammari.

He explained that the plan includes supplying the central markets in Karbala and some neighboring provinces with more than 500 tons of tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, bell peppers, potatoes and okras.

"The Holy Shrine contributes to supporting the local production as well as the Iraqi economy by preventing any agricultural imports," he added.

Al-Shammari pointed out that there are future plans to increase and multiply production to reach all Iraqi provinces with the best types of products.

"The department's production is not limited to vegetables, but includes animal products, meat, milk and dairy products," he said.

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