Awarding top winners of Quran Recitation and Memorization National Contest

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The representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, shaikh Abdul-Mehdi ElKerbela’i awarded the top winners who represented the Imam Hussain Shrine at the Quran recitation and memorization national contest.

Three winners won the first three places of the Quran memorization contest, while Usama ElKerbela’i – Quran reciter of the Imam Hussain Shrine – won first place of the Quran recitation contest.

The winners will represent Iraq and the Imam Hussain Shrine at international Quran contests and festivals.

Director of the Quran House of the Imam Hussain Shrine sheikh Hasan ElMensoori said, “The award came to support the Quran specialists and to encourage them to participate in international contests and festivals.”

ElMensoori added that the first place winners were awarded certificates of appreciation and free pilgrimages to the Ka’ba in Mecca, while the second and third place winners were awarded free pilgrimages to the Imam Rridha Shrine.


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Translation: Moahmmed AlObaidi

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