Statistic shows number of manuscripts Imam Hussain Center restored in 2018

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Imam Hussain Center for Manuscript Restoration has stated that the center has restored 44 manuscripts, which is 11,000 pages during 2018.

Munaf EtTemeemi, director of the center, said, “A statistic released by the center has shown that some of the manuscripts – the center has restored – belong to the Imam Hussain Shrine and others belong to Iraqi universities and libraries.

EtTemeemi added that over 950 manuscripts have been maintained preventively in 2018, noting that the total number of manuscripts the center has restored – since it was established in the second half of 2016 until the end of 2018 – stood at 65, which is over 21,000 pages, in addition to preventatively maintaining over 1750 manuscripts.

It is worth mentioning that the center is equipped with high-tech devices and operated by highly qualified staff—and that's what has made it the most important center for manuscript restoration across the country.


By: Mustafa Ahmed bahidh

Translation: Mohammed AlObaidi

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