Visiting St. George Episcopal Anglican Church in Baghdad at Christmas

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A delegation from the Imam Hussain Shrine has visited St. George Episcopal Anglican Church in Baghdad, Iraq, to congratulate Christian people on Christmas; the birth of Prophet Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) and New Year.

The delegation met with Father Fa’iz Georgees, pastor of the church.

Sheikh Kheleel ElE’leyawi, head of the delegation, said to the Imam Hussain Shrine's website, “The delegation congratulated Christian people in Iraq on New Year and Christmas,” noting that the Imam Hussain Shrine is keen on reinforcing love ties and tolerance with people, spreading the culture of peace and moderation, and combating extremism and terrorism.

He added that the delegation mentioned the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority’s crucial role in protecting Iraq and its unity, and call for peaceful coexistence.

Father Georgees extended his gratitude to the Imam Hussain Shrine, and to the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority for the historic stance on saving Iraq.

“This visit is the beginning to connect with the Imam Hussain Shrine and to strive for everything that contributes to maintaining Iraq’s unity and reinforcing the Iraqis’ national identity, which is the assurance of Iraq’s security and prosperity,” Father Georgees added.

It is worth mentioning that St. George Episcopal Anglican Church is one of the oldest churches in Baghdad—it was built in 1840.


Translation: Mohammed AlObaidi

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