Imam Hussain Shrine reveals cost of medical services during last 8 months

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Imam Zainul-Abedeen Hospital, affiliated with the Imam Hussain Shrine, has revealed the cost of the medical services it offered during the last 8 months.

The in-charge of the hospital’s media, Mustafa ElMoosewey, said that the hospital has conducted more than 1106 medical examinations, which cost $1,250,000.

He added that the surgeries the hospital conducted included complicated surgeries, such as hip joint and knee joint replacements, spinal braces, open-heart, and congenital dislocation surgeries.

He confirmed that the medical staff is comprised of experienced doctors, from inside and outside Iraq, noting that the hospital has supported the Popular Mobilization Forces and other security forces by treating their casualties during 2016-2017, which cost approximately $1,250,000.


Editing: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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