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The works at the expansion project of Imam al-Mahdi Site are remarkably progressing thanks to the efforts of the servants working in the Engineering Projects Department of al-Abbas Holy Shrine, who have dedicated themselves to execute the modern plans that join the authenticity with modernity, in harmony with the spirituality of the holy place.

"After the completion of the concrete structures and reinforcements, a 1000-square-meter annex was constructed including a women's hall (490m2), a men’s hall (310m2), and an extra hall (150m2). Also, the bases for the installation of inscriptions and external motifs have been carried out, as well as the establishment and transmission of electrical and acoustic systems and other systems attached to the project," said head of the department Engineer Dea' Majeed al-Sa'egh, stated.

It is to note that the Site of Imam Mahdi is located on the left bank of Hussayniya River, north of the holy shrine of Imam Hussain. The pilgrim can easily spot the Site through its large blue-green dome.  

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