Iraqi and foreign spinal surgeons participate in international conference in Karbala

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In cooperation with the Swiss organization (AOSPINE), Imam Zainul-Abeadeen Hospital – affiliated with the Imam Hussain Shrine – has conducted the First International Conference on Spinal Surgery on Saturday 1, December.

Assistant director of the hospital’s scientific and medical affairs Dr. Ahmed Qutb said, “The conference aims to exchange ideas and recent researches between surgeons and AOSPINE in order to find the best solutions and services to offer to spinal patients.”

Qutb added doctors from Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon participated in the conference, noting that Iraqi surgeons and AOSPINE have cooperated to establish a center for fellowships.

Dr. John Abd-Noor from the American University in Lebanon said, “This conference conducted by Imam Zainul-Abeadeen Hospital is very important,” noting that people around the world have spinal issues, and this conference adds more value to the hospital, for it has great spinal surgeons finding the best solutions for the spinal patients around the world.


Editing: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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