Latest work of last basement project at Imam Hussain Shrine

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The engineering and technical staff of Quds Company has begun building the concrete pillars of Bab ElQibleh Basement project, which is inside the Imam Hussain Shrine.

Salam Sa’doon, project’s engineer, said, “This sub-project is the last stage of the basements project of the Imam Hussain Shrine.”

Sa’doon added that the first phase will be achieved in 45 days, and then the second phase begins, noting that the area of the project is 2000 square meters.

Chief engineer at the Imam Hussain Shrine Mohammed Hasan Kadhim said the first phase will be achieved before the Sha’baneya Pilgrimage, which is on the 15th of Sha’ban A.H., and the second phase will be achieved before the next month of Muharram A.H.


Editing: Hussain Hamid ElMoosewey

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi 

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