Supreme Religious Authority warns of ISIS return, stresses importance of rebuilding war-torn cities

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In a meeting that brought together the representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sheikh Abdul-Mehdi ElKerbela’ey and clerics and tribal chiefs from the cities of Kirkuk: Mosul: Saladin: and Anbar, at the Imam Hussain Shrine, ElKerbela’ey called the clerics and chiefs of tribes in North and West Iraq to pressure the Iraqi government into rebuilding their war-torn cities and to never allow ISIS to return.

ElKerbela’ey also said, “ISIS has been quelled, and it is time to tackle them ideologically,” noting it is the clerics' primary responsibility now to do that.

He added that a cleric should make sure he is righteous in everything and calling for peace and tolerance.

He then shed light on the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority’s call for peaceful coexistence, noting that clerics and tribal chiefs should play a crucial role in society to rectify the situation and pressure the government to rebuild their war-torn cities and respond to people’s demands.

ElKerbela’ey concluded, saying, “We have seen Hussainian service volunteer groups providing security forces with food, clothing, and other requirements—this is a great example of solidarity, and people should practice solidarity with each another.”


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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