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A delegation sent by the Imam Hussain Shrine to the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York, America, said that the head of the delegation Dr. Talal Elkamali delivered a speech in which he mentioned the crucial role of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority since 2003 until the present day.

Elkamali said, “The edict of picking up arms against ISIS to save the world from terror, issued by the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, was declared at the Imam Hussain Shrine. And from the same shrine humanitarian instructions were announced and directed to the Iraqi forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces to take care of children, women, elderly people, innocent people, and private and public properties during the war against ISIS.”

He also mentioned that directives to combat corruption, provide the Iraqi people with services; including free services for millions of international visitors, such as food: water: medical assistance and accommodation, and respect the governmental offices were also announced at the Imam Hussain Shrine.

“A significant role the Imam Hussain Shrine played was filling the gaps, the Iraqi government – for some reason – failed to do, by establishing a number of hospitals, centers for strategic studies and human development centers, in addition to helping more than 1400 orphans and enrolling them in school,” added further Elkamali.

He then noted that there were a number of humanitarian and patriotic stances the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority adopted by embracing the whole spectrum of the Iraqi people and constantly spurring them to show more tolerance, patience and love for one another as a fundamental toward peaceful co-existence.

Elkamali concluded, “Consolidating religious and cultural heritage is the core of the Islamic ideology, and all personnel running the shrines in Iraq have been working on that since they took over the management of the shrines, for the shrines represent the core of Iraq’s religious and cultural heritage.”


Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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