Researcher in interfaith rapprochement and 40-year teacher of Christianity and Islam talks about Imam Hussain (Peace Be Upon Him)

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The Department of Media of the Imam Hussain Shrine has interviewed Christopher Thomas – a researcher in interfaith rapprochement and a 40-year teacher of Christianity and Islam.

Thomas said, “I practiced teaching Christianity for 10 years and Islam for 30 years. During that long period of time, I wrote several books on religions and means of co-existence. My goal was to find the best means for cross-fertilizing ideas and focus on interfaith dialogue in all societies, for I found mutual components between societies.”

He added that in order for people of different religions to live together, they must recognize that all people are humans and leave no room for racial discrimination and classism.

He also said that the Imam Hussain Shrine should hold international festivals and invite figures of all religions and religious denominations from around the world in order to communicate and build bridges of dialogue and knowledge with them.

“Talking with politicians, I always remember Imam Hussain’s revolution and the sacrifices it led to for supporting truth, religion, and humanity, for it has many lessons of reform, especially when Imam Hussain rejected pledging allegiance to Yazeed because he was a tyrannical, dissolute ruler,” added further Thomas.

He then said, “We usually tell politicians and people about Imam Hussain’s rejection to pledge allegiance to Yazeed—the tyrant, and ask them to choose whether Yazeed or Imam Hussain, and based on their answers, we identify their personalities.”

Thomas concluded, saying that it’s important to learn about Imam Hussain, follow his steps, and disseminate his method to the world, for not only is he for Shia Muslims, but he is the role model for all humanity—and God has privileged him – among all people – with martyrdom and primacy.


Edited by: Salam Etta’ey & Sabah Ettalaqaney

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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