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Imam Hussain Foundation for Digital Media of the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine announced the launch of an electronic campaign to collect the largest number of names to perform pilgrimages by proxy of Imam Hussain on the eve of the first day of Muharram.

Foundation director Walaa al-Saffar said, “The ‘Pilgrimage by Proxy’ page has been allocated to receive requests for pilgrimages as well as messages for Imam Ali, where the messages will be placed inside his holy grille and the pilgrimages will be performed on behalf of all the names registered.”

Al-Saffar mentioned that the banner exchange ceremony will witness the exchange of the red banner atop of the dome of Imam Hussein with a black one, signifying the beginning of the month of sorrow.

Those wishing to participate in this special opportunity can register their names in the following link:

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