Cameroonian journalist: Iraq is the country of freedom

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A long journey to discover the reality drove Cameroonian journalist Changam Bernard to study religion for several years.  

“My life and vision have been changed forever and I am currently recognized as a religious figure in my community back home due to my strong belief in the faith of the Ahlulbayt,” Changam said.

Muslims comprise roughly 24% of the 21 million inhabitants in Cameroon.

He added, “My love for the Ahlulbayt and my job as a journalist pushed me to start an electronic and print magazine under the name of “Noor al-Hussein” that focuses on the ethics and principles taught by the pure progeny of Muhammad as well as news from Islamic countries and holy shrines.”

The number of media outlets in Cameroon is limited and the majority are state owned.

“The constitution guarantees freedom of expression, but in practice the threat of government censorship generally prevents opposition viewpoints from appearing in media,” clarified Changam.

The journalist concluded by saying, “I love coming to Iraq because it is the country of freedom that was consolidated by Imam Hussain 1400 years ago and it is also the home of Prophets.”

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