Imam Hussain Institute for the Blind: A drop of hope in the dark world

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Humanitarian projects are a key priority for the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine. One of its dozens of humanitarian projects established around the country is Imam Hussain Institute for the Blind in Karbala to guide and light the lamp of knowledge for the less fortunate.

This project aims to make those who are unable to see through their eyes feel and understand everyone using their hearts and skills.

The Institute is working on giving the hope of life through thoroughly teaching the well-known universal language for the blind – Braille.

Institute Director Sami Jawad Kadhum said, “Unfortunately, the blind community is paid minimal attention in developing countries like Iraq. This motivated the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine to embark on a project entirely for the poor boys and girls who are deprived of perhaps the most essential sense of the five – sight.”

The Imam Hussain Institute for the Blind held five training courses for teachers to teach the proper method of reading and writing in Braille language.

“Fifty-one blind students receive free training courses, transportation to and from the Institute, as well as a daily meal,” Kadhum added. 

For his part, Institute Assistant Director Amer Hashim said, “Our Institute has coordinated with the Ministry of Education to register the students officially and grant them an official certificate after their graduation. This coordination has also led to the opening of a literacy center for the blind aged 15-50 years and a school for boys and girls aged 10-15 years.”

“Due to the special care and advanced teaching methods used, the Imam Hussain Institute received a certificate of recognition from the Health and Environment Ministries,” Hashim concluded.         

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