International festival on human rights at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine




The Preparatory Committee of Tarateel Sajjadiya International Festival announced the participation of religious, social and journalistic figures from different faiths around the globe.

“The sixth edition of the Festival, which will be held under the slogan ‘Social Justice in the Treatise on Rights of Imam al-Sajjad’, will kick off on September 23, 2019, in conjunction with the martyrdom anniversary of Imam al-Sajjad,” mentioned Sayed Afdhal al-Shami, head of the committee.

Tarateel Sajjadiya is an international event, organized by Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, highlighting the biography and legacy of Imam Sajjad, mainly the Treatise on Rights.

The Treatise on Rights is one of the most outstanding teachings and a master document on Islamic human rights compiled 1400 years ago by Imam al-Sajjad, making it clear that Islam brought forth the first ever document on human rights. It includes 51 rights addressing various social relations of any individual; like the duties toward parents, spouse, children, neighbors, teachers, students, believers, the leader of Congregational Prayer, the government etc. 

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