Grand Ayatollah Golpaygani praises Quranic projects of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine




The Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Lotfullah Safi Golpaygani praised the local and international Quranic programs and projects organized by the Quran Center of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine.

This came after a delegation from the Center visited the Ayatollah’s office in Qom, Iran.

Quran Center director and head of delegation Sheikh Hasan al-Mansouri said, “The visit came within the delegation’s tours to offices of Supreme Religious Authorities and Islamic and cultural centers, especially active in the field of the Quran, around the world.”

Al-Mansouri added, "The most notable of these meetings was the visit to the office of His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Lotfullah Safi Golpaygani, who was briefed on the Quranic work emanating from the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and what has been accomplished in various projects inside and outside Iraq.”

The Grand Ayatollah praised the efforts exerted by the staff working in the Quranic field and thanked the role of the Holy Shrine in disseminating the Holy Quran and its teachings around the world, stressing on the continuation of communication to wider dimensions in this field.

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