Iran: First International Conference on Imam Redha and Interfaith Dialogue

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The First International Conference on Imam Redha and Interfaith Dialogue was held in Mashhad in presence of the Secretary-General of Imam Redha Holy Shrine, leaders of the monotheistic religions and religious scholars from 21 countries around the world. 

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the two-day conference, Ayatollah Mohammad Hadi Abd Khodaei, a member of the Assembly of Experts, said, “The essence of belief in God and service to the people of God can be found in all Divine religions. This conference, which is being held in the name of Imam Redha, teaches us how to sit together for a dialogue according to the tenets of the Holy Quran and the way of life and conduct of the eighth Shia Imam, to make a safe and sound world free from war and bloodshed."

Rabbi Younes Hamami Lalehzar, the top Jewish religious authority in the country, believes that the prerequisite for interfaith dialogue should be paving the ground for the dialogue among parties to enter into a debate while respecting each other's religious beliefs.
“We are happy that today, a better and more scholastic conditions have been prepared for interfaith dialogue so that representatives of various faiths can enter into dialogue with one another in full freedom and with different viewpoints not to reject one another, but to exchange views while safeguarding their religious identity. This cultural and scientific event has provided an opportunity for the religious leaders to gain a better understanding of the other religions, while expressing their ideas and values of their own religions, and to listen to the viewpoints expressed by the other parties,” said Lalehzar.

The other religious figures expressed their gratitude and appreciation for such a successful interfaith dialogue that brings together different societies.

Source: iqna

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