Dispatch of Imam Redha Holy Shrine servants to serve in Karbala and Shalamcheh

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Assistant of Sacred Premises and Pilgrims’ Affairs of Imam Redha Holy Shrine announced the dispatch of the servants of the Holy Shrine to Karbala and Shalamcheh to serve the walking pilgrims of Imam Hussein for Arbaeen.

According to the Holy Shrine website, Seyyed Khalil Monabati stated, “Thirty servants from Imam Redha Holy Shrine were sent to Karbala and Shalamcheh this morning in order to serve the beloved walking pilgrims in those areas.”

“The main population of the servants to serve the pilgrims of Arbaeen were dispatched during the escort ceremony held recently, and the others were be dispatched gradually”, he added.

“Imam Redha Holy Shrine this year, as previous years, will have four groups along the routes of the cities Shalamcheh, Karbala, Kadhumiya and Samarra, and will serve the pilgrims with presence of more than 200 servants of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali b.Musa al-Redha.


Source: globe.aqr.ir

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