Encyclopedia to document the sacred Fatwa of defense nears completion

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The project "The Encyclopedia of the Holy Defense Fatwa", the largest documentary project adopted by the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department at the al-Abbas Holy Shrine, has reached advanced stages.

According to al-Kafeel Global Network, the encyclopedia is established to document the efforts made by the Supreme Religious Authority Sayed Ali al-Sistani after he issued the Fatwa of the sufficient duty of defense back in June 2014.

The source confirmed that 98% of the project has been achieved.

Volume One: The history of the extremist Takfiri movements, terrorist groups and Salafi movements.

Volume Two:  The impact of the Supreme Religious Authority from the period 1914 to 2003.

Volume Three: The military repercussions after the year (2014) and the emergence of the fatwa of the sacred defense.

Volume Four: The efforts of the seminary hawza in Najaf in dealing with moral and preaching mobilization, and providing logistical support for the military, humanitarian and relief efforts as well as the martyrs of the hawza from clerics and hawza students.

Volume Five: The efforts of the holy shrines in Iraq.

Volume Six: The media documentation and its global and Arab resonances.

Volume Seven: The efforts of the Hussaini processions, and the efforts of civil and governmental institutions.

Volume Eight: The convoys of martyrs of the fatwa and honoring their blood that made the victory of this country.

Volume Nine: Titled "The Blessed Fatwa in the Eyes of Researchers and Writers”

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