British researcher refutes Media's allegations about Muslim women maltreatment

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British researcher Emily Grath White has recently visited the holy city of Karbala in search of genuine Islam.

White said she has conducted a study on the principles of Islam in order to utilize them to tackle Islamophobia in Europe and the West.

She added, “My study has begun with searching for genuine Islam due to the extreme attacks and extremists who have used Islam as a cover to justify their acts in order to distort its fundamental concepts.”

White noted, “What I have found in karbala is genuine Islam, which carries the principles of love, humanity, justice, and equality between people.”

She said further, “This is my second visit to Karbala. Last year I came to visit, which was the first time, then returned home and wrote a research on Islam and the Arbaeen pilgrimage—the research was circulated in 17 countries.”

She then mentioned her lectures she delivers, titled “Media Hypnosis” through which she disseminates the principles and ideology of genuine Islam.

White has refuted the media's allegations about Muslim women maltreatment, saying, “Meeting up with Muslim women, I’ve found that many of them enjoy education, furthering their studies, and absolute freedom of speech—what I’ve found is the opposite of what’s being said about them, which is another form of distorting the image of Islam.”


Edited by: Ahmed Bahidh

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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