Figures from around the world attend closing ceremony of 5th International Festival on Treatise of Rights

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The Imam Hussain Shrine held the closing ceremony of Tarateel Sejjadeya’s 5th International Festival on 7 October 2018, which was attended by figures from different countries around the world.

Sheikh Abdul-Mehdi Elkerbela’ey – custodian of the Imam Hussain Shrine – said, in a speech delivered by sheikh Sabah Abbas, that Imam Essejjad (Peace Be Upon Him) set a complete constitution that organizes the relation between the human being and God, and between the human being and others.

Pearl Emmanuel, advisor at the French Prime Ministry, delivered a speech in which he expressed his gratitude to the Imam Hussain Shrine for inviting him to the festival.

He also added, “Some countries are increasingly experiencing armed violence, and other countries are experiencing crimes and war crimes. And such crimes are committed by terrorists who are unrelated to any country, but they commit crimes under the name of Islam.”

Emmanuel said further that the writings of Imam Essejjad reflect trends that combat violence, noting that the last rule of the Treatise of Rights of Imam Essejjad ordains that religious minorities must be respected, and calls for religious tolerance, saying, “Applying the rules of the Treatise of Rights calls the Islamic governments for legislating rules that protect religious minorities."

He also noted that the rules of the Treatise of Rights meet with some of the pacts of the United Nations.

Dr. Abo Elhasan – a member of the Nigerian Parliament – delivered a speech in which he said, “Terrorists and their extremist ideology were originated since Umayyad people began harboring hostility toward the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him and His Family).”

He Abo Elhasan continued, “Imam Essejjad (Peace Be Upon Him) has set the rights as fundamentals to fight terror and the extremist ideology,” emphasizing that Islam is not related to terror or violence, and the extremists created terror.

At the end of the ceremony, poems about Imam Essejjad (Peace Be Upon Him) were delivered by poet Ali Esseffar; from Iraq, female poet Aseel Seqlawi; from Lebanon, and poet Hazim Ettemeemi; from Iraq, in addition to awarding the winners of the short contests of the festival.


By: Seddeaq Abbood

Photography: Ammar Elkhalidey

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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