Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, Indonesia discuss Quranic cooperation




As part of its efforts to reach out to religious elites in the Islamic world, the Holy Quran House at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine hosted a delegation of experts and academics from Indonesia.

The delegation consisted of Dr. Hadianto, SG of the Federation of Islamic Education Lecturers, Professor at Jakarta State University and Member of the Council of Indonesian Scholars, Habib Hamed Al Qadri, Head of Mahaya Center for Islamic Studies and Chairman of the Standing Committee for Nahdatul Ulama Association (Indonesia's largest association), and Professor Attaullah Raees, Head of the Holy Quran Institutes.

The Holy Quran House said the delegation's program included meeting with the Chief Cleric Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalaey, who spoke about the importance of promoting the Quranic culture and building Quranic cooperation with the Islamic world.

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