Social culture of Husseini Revivalism




The injustice Imam Hussein suffered from changed his revivalism to a cultural reality remembered by his followers a long time. Whenever they remember that injustice, his sacrifice and principles raise as if they were happening again. Thus he is praised and considered as a vital example by elite of famous scholars, philosophers, literarians, leaders and reformers form all human sects, religions and nations all over the world.

So, Hussein’s followers are the unique type which renews the reasons and goals of the Messengers phenomenon in life through raising Hussein’s motto. To be clear, that happens because of his uprising.

Here rises a question: How can we make use of Hussein’s revivalism to keep the phenomenon of sending Messengers alive?

The answer is: Since the reason behind that phenomenon is mercy, then it represented by weeping at the injustice Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Messenger and Master of the Youth of Paradise, met. That seems clear via collective behavior of millions of weeping masses which reinforces the psychological rejecting against the unjust and injustice. Of that course that was the motto of the prophets and messengers. At that same time, weeping represents adhering to all values of patience, sacrifice and preference Imam Hussein and his followers showed of Taff Day.

It was the divine secret and wisdom to keep the prophets’ missions alive (after their absence) through Imam Hussein’s revivalism.

What draws people’s attention is to see someone weeping, but when the weeper weeps bitterly and shouts loudly, then he/she draws more attention and when he/she shows behaviors indicating severe sadness, surely he/she draws most attention.

So how will it be if it is a massive weeping with monotonous ceremonies on one subject?

Weeping over Hussein is the secret of the monotheism (of Almighty Allah) and justice on the earth. 


Written by : Mohsin Wahayib Abed

Translated by : Saàd Sharif Taher

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